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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I credit my account for future transactions?

    You can credit your account by clicking on the “Add funds” option once you are signed in. The minimum amount that is required to credit your account funds is 10GBP. Account funds can be used to pay for shipments, consolidations and additional services. 

  • How do I make a payment?

    Payments and invoices can be made at checkout through your account. When you reach the checkout area you'll see the payment option at the bottom of the checkout area.

  • How do I add a second shipping address?

    Additional shipping addresses are only available with a Premium account. If you have a Premium you can add a second address to your account by navigating to My Account > Address Book > Add New Shipping Address

  • How do I upgrade my plan?

    If you would to upgrade your plan you can do so by navigating to My Account > Plan and Balance > Upgrade

    Our monthly plans can be cancelled or downgraded at any time. 

  • How can I change my password?

    Your password can be charged by navigating to My Account > User Information > Change Password

  • Where can I find my UK address in my account?

    Your UK address will be displayed in the top right of your account. You will also find the address in your Dashboard area.

  • How can I edit my shipping address?

    You can edit your shipping address by heading to My Account > Address Book 

  • Can I add more than one shipping address?

    Yes you can add more than one address with a Premium plan only. If you are a Starter or Standard member, multiple shipping addresses aren't an available feature. If you would like to gain access Premium features, you can upgrade your account at any time. 

  • How can I terminate my account?

    We are always sad to hear of our customers leaving, but of course we understand that circumstances can change. If you find you no longer require your account please contact our support team who will be happy to assist.


    Please ensure you do not have any packages in your account before cancelling, and that your account balance does not hold any funds. If you would like your data deleting, please specify this to our support team at the time of request. 

  • Can I downgrade my plan?

    If you would like to downgrade your plan please contact our support team who will be happy help. 

  • What does a package "Status" mean?

    You'll notice in your Dashboard area that each package holds a status. The status will show the current status for that package. For example if you have submitted a request to our team to complete the status will read "In Progress"


    Here is a list and description for each active status. 


    • New: This status will show when a package has been added into your account and is ready to ship.  
    • In Progress: This status will show when you have submitted a request to our warehouse team. Whilst "In Progress" status is displayed you won't be able to make any further requests for that package. 
    • Consolidated: This status will show when you have requested a consolidation and it has been completed. Read More on he consolidation process here
    • Shipped: This status will show when a package or consolidation has been dispatched. You'll see this status for packages displayed in the "Sent" tab. For more details on the different tabs in your Dashboard, please see here

  • Can I ship a pallet or large item through MyUKmailbox?

    Yes we can accept pallets or . We work closely with a freight forwarding team who can handle these requests at a very reasonable cost. Please contact our support team for a shipping quotation.

  • How quickly are my goods dispatched when I submit a shipment request?

    MyUKmailbox will aim to dispatch all packages within a 24 hour period Monday- Friday.

    If you require your package to be shipped out the same working day, “Urgent Handling” can be selected at checkout. “Urgent Handling” must be selected before 13:30 GMT in order for the goods to be dispatched the same working day.

    Any urgent requests submitted after this time shall be dispatched the next working day.

  • I missed the delivery of my parcel, what can I do?

    In most circumstances the courier should reattempt the delivery however we recommend contacting the courier customer services who are holding the parcel to arrange an alternative delivery date. If the courier is unable to deliver your goods they may request for the goods to be returned to us.

  • Can I devalue the commercial invoice in order to reduce import duty?

    Under no circumstances can we devalue goods in order to reduce import duty. All shipment submissions are manually checked by our shipping team and we may ask for proof of value if we feel the shipment value provided is inaccurate. 

  • How long will my shipment take to reach me?

    Shipment transit times can vary depending on the mode of transport chosen or destination the goods are going to. You will find a shipping calculator on our pricing page which will provide you with an indication of how long the goods will take to reach your destination. Please note, the transit times displayed on our shipping calculator are estimations only.

  • Why isn’t my shipping address available to select at checkout?

    As part of our shipping screening process all shipping addresses must be verified by our admin team. The process normally takes no longer 48 hours. If you find your international address isn’t available to select after this time please contact our support team immediately.

  • How much will it cost to ship a package?

    Shipping costs vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the shipment. Feel free to use our rate calculator for estimating shipping costs. Our rate calculator can be found at the bottom of our pricing page.

  • What couriers does MyUKmailbox offer?

    MyUKmailbox currently works with Royal Mail, DHL, DPD and UPS for packages. For larger items or pallets we work closely with a freight team to handle these requests. 

  • My goods arrived damaged, what can I do?

    MyUKmailbox will always try to ensure that your goods are adequately packaged for international travel. If you find your goods arrive damaged, please let our support team know as soon as possible. We will work with the courier and raise a claim for damaged goods on your behalf. For peace of mind we recommend that you opt for additional liability cover for high value goods. This option can be selected at the shipment checkout area.

  • What will happen if I forget to put my suite number on my package?

    Any packages that arrive without a suite number will be logged into our unclaimed packages section. Photos and details of the package contents will be captured. We'll hold any unclaimed packages for one month. After this time if the package isn't claimed, it'll be removed from our facility permanently. 

    If you're package hasn't been entered into your account within 2 business days of delivery, please get in touch with our support team via our contact form. 

  • My package couldn’t be delivered by the courier. What happens next?

    It's possible that the courier may be attempting to deliver your package outside of working hours. Our operating hours are Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 GMT. We are closed over the weekend and public holidays. 

    If the attempted delivery was within business hours, please contact our support team with the tracking number who'll be happy to help. 

  • How will I know when my package arrives into my account?

    Once your package arrives at our facility and has been added into your account we'll notify you via email. You will then be able to sign into your account, navigate to your Dashboard Inbox and see the package in your account. 

  • I was notified that my package has arrived. How do I ship it to my home address?

    You can submit a shipping request by signing into your account, navigating to your Dashboard Inbox and clicking on the "Ship" action which you'll find next to the package.

    You'll need to complete the customs declaration at the checkout screen before you can finalise the shipping process. 

  • Why isn’t my tracking link working?

    When a shipment is marked as "Shipped" the tracking link should become active and show tracking information within 24 hours. 

    No tracking information will show for packages shipped via Royal Mail Untracked. 

    If you find that the tracking information for your package hasn't updated after 24 hours has past since dispatch, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist. 

  • Can I use a different courier to the ones displayed on the shipping calculator?

    All the courier options that we offer will be displayed at checkout, or via shipping calculator. If you don't see a courier option, this means that we don't currently offer this for your shipping destination at this time. 

    We are always looking to add more courier options wherever possible. 

  • Can I ship to a P.O box or APO / FPO address?

    We can ship to P.O box address, via Royal Mail Tracked, or Royal Mail Untracked. 

    Any shipping methods that require a signature upon delivery will need to be shipped to a residential or commercial address. 

    We cannot ship to APO/FPO addresses at this time. 

  • Can I provide a prepaid label for shipping my package?

    Unfortunately we do not accept prepaid shipping labels, personal shipping accounts or third party collections from our facility. 

    If you are returning a package to sender, we can accept prepaid postage label in this circumstance. 

  • Can I ship to another forwarding address?

    Under no circumstances can we ship to alternative forwarding address, either domestically or internationally. 

  • Do I have to pay customs/VAT on my shipment?

    As the importer of the goods, you are responsible for paying the customs duties. Duties can vary depending on the goods you are importing. 

    We recommend that you contact your local governing body for more details on duties and taxes.  

  • How do I convert KG to lbs for the shipping calculator?

    Our shipping calculator will accept calculations for KG only. If you wish to view prices for lbs, this can be obtained by using a unit converter online or by multiplying the weight in KB by 2.2046

  • Can you make in-store purchases for a BuyForMe order?

    Yes. We can visit the store and purchase the goods. The store must be within a 5 mile radius from our facility. An additional £20.00 handling fee will apply for store visits. 

  • Can I cancel my BuyForMe order?

    BuyForMe requests can be cancelled prior to our team placing the order with the supplier. If the order has been placed the BuyForMe request can not be cancelled and the order will need to be returned to sender once it arrives into your account. 

  • What is BuyForMe, and how much does it cost?

    If you're experiencing issues playing an order online. Or an online retailer won't accept your international payment, our BuyForMe service is designed to help. We can collect the payment upfront for the order and then buy the goods on your behalf using our UK payment options. 

    Our BuyForMe service is charged at 10% of the order value, or £15.00, whichever is greater. 

    Find out more about our BuyForMe service here. 

  • Can I purchase from multiple retailers under the same BuyForMe request?

    Yes, we can order goods from multiple retailers under the same order. This means you'll only pay the BuyForMe fee once.

  • How do I place a BuyForMe order?

    You can place a BuyForMe order by completing the order form on our BuyForMe page

    You can more items to the order by clicking on the "Add Item" option. 

  • How quickly will my BuyForMe request be processed?

    After placing a BuyForMe order, our team will respond to you as quickly as possible. Upon receipt of payment your order will normally be placed within 24-48 hours, during working time. 

    Your BuyForMe order will be added to your account as soon as it arrives at our facility. Please note that transit time to our facility depends on the shipping speed of the seller.  

  • Can I ship perfume?

    Perfume is a flammable substance and can not be shipped through MyUKmailbox at this time. 

  • What happens if I ship an item to my UK address that is listed as prohibited?

    Most prohibited items can be returned to sender. If we receive a package that contains prohibited goods we will notify you and request for a prepaid return label in order for the goods to be returned to sender.

  • Can I ship prescription tablets?

    We do not ship tablets. This includes legal drugs, prescription  or over-the-counter drugs.

  • Can I ship batteries?

    There’re strict regulations regarding shipping batteries. MyUKmailbox can not ship loose lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries under any circumstances. Electronic devices which contain lithium batteries inside the equipment can still be shipped but there’re limitations on quantity per shipment. For information on this please contact our support team.

  • Can I use my address to receive letters/ordinary mail?

    No, you cannot use your MyUKMailbox address for forwarding letters. This includes documents/statements and bank/prepaid cards. 

  • What is a consolidation?

    If you receive more than one package at our facility and would like the goods shipping out together, our team can open each package and consolidate all your items into one box/shipment to save on shipping costs. The cost for consolidation varies depending on the plan you are currently on. 

  • What is the cost for a consolidation?

    The cost for consolidation depends on which plan you are registered to.

    • Starter plan: £2.00 per package
    • Standard plan: £9.99 for up to 10 packages, £4.99 per 10 packages after. 
    • Premium plan: First 20 packages free, £4.99 per 10 packages after. 

  • How long does the consolidation process take?

    Consolidation requests are normally completed within 24-48 hours during working time. If you have selected urgent handling we'll aim to complete the request within 12 hours during working time. 

  • How much storage do I receive for a consolidated parcel?

    Consolidation storage charges are calculated based on the oldest package in the request.

    For example if package A has 5 days free storage remaining, package B has 10 days free storage, and package C has 15 days of free storage remaining, the newly created consolidated package will have 5 days of storage remaining as package A is the oldest package in the request. 

    Please note that if there are no remaining storage limit left for any of the packages in the request, this means that the newly created consolidated package will also have no storage time remaining and will need to be requested to be dispatched immediately. 

  • What is a special request and how much does it cost?

    A special request is a custom instructions that you can submit for your package.

    Pricing is dependent on the plan you are on.

    • Starter plan: £10.00 per request
    • Standard plan: £8.00 per request
    • Premium plan: £5.00 per request

    Examples of a special request could be; package inspects, splitting a package into multiple packages, adding extra cushioning to a package before dispatch, etc. 

    If your request can be completed within a 20 minute window, the normal special request fee will apply. If your request exceeds 20 minutes, a £20.00 per hour fee will apply. For example, if your request takes 30 mins to complete, you'll be charged £10.00. 

    If you wish to discuss your special request before submitting, or would like to talk about a request that has been completed, please contact our support team. 

  • Can I request for my package to repacked into smaller packaging?

    Yes you can request for your existing package to be opened and repacked into a smaller packaging. 


    The cost for this service is dependant on the plan you are on.


    • Starter plan: £10.00 per package
    • Standard plan: £6.00 per package
    • Premium: Free


    Please note if a repack takes over 20 mins to complete, the request will be moved to our special request service and will be billed on a hourly basis.  


    Link to special request page. 

  • Can I request photos of my package contents?

    To request further photos of your package, click on the photo icon next to the package in your account.


    At the checkout screen, please provide instructions for the photo request and specify the amount of photos you require. Example of package photos could be photos of contents, invoices, pricing tags, size measurements for clothing etc.


    The charges for additional photos are dependant on the plan you are on. 


    • Starter plan: Up to 5 photos £10.00
    • Standard plan: Up to 5 photos £5.00
    • Premium: Up to 5 photos £4.00

  • Do I need to add funds to my account in order to make payment?

    Adding funds to your account isn't compulsory. You'll also be able to make payment at the checkout area either via PayPal or Bank/Credit card. 

  • I have funds in my account, can I get a refund?

    Yes you can contact our support team to request a refund for the funds in your account. Please note that a £2.50 admin fee will apply in this instance and will be deducted from the refund amount.  

  • Are my shipments insured whilst in transit?

    All shipments dispatched through our service are supplied with a standard liability against loss or damage for up to £50.00. 

    For goods that exceed this amount we strongly recommend selecting carrier insurance. 

    The cost for this service is dependant on the carrier chosen.

    • DHL: £12.00 or 1.5% of the value of goods
    • UPS: £8.40 or 1% of the value of goods
    • DPD: £7.00 or 1% of the value of goods

  • How can I request for insurance to be added to my shipment?

    Carrier Insurance can be added to your shipment by selecting the option at checkout. 

  • How long do I have to wait until I can submit a claim for lost shipment?

    The process for reporting this is dependant on the carrier choice. 

    • Royal Mail Tracked, Tracked and Signed, and Signed. 

      Please allow 30 working days from the date of dispatch before reporting a lost package. 
    • Other carriers

      Please contact our support team if your shipment has not been delivered within the estimated delivery time frame provided by the courier tracking system. 

  • What information do I need to provide for my insurance claim?

    In order to process a claim on your behalf, please provide the following information to our support team. 

    For lost packages

    • Copy of the invoice/receipt for items in the shipment
    • Tracking number

    For damaged packages

    • Photos of the damage
    • Photos of all the packaging
    • Copy of the invoice/receipt for items in the shipment
    • Tracking number 

  • How long does a carrier claim take to process?

    The resolution time for a claim will depend on the carrier.

    • Royal Mail Tracked, Tracked and Signed, and Signed. 

      Claims are normally solved within 30 working days from our team receiving all the relevant claim documents from you. 
    • Other carriers

      Claims are normally solved within 15 working days from our team receiving all the relevant claim documents from you.